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Geese · Grey Toulouse

Toulouse get better as they age.  This five year old gander shows the features that are sought in the Dewlap Toulouse; great size, massive head and rectangular body type.

Toulouse geese are the gentle giants of the domestic waterfowl world. They are very popular as pets as they are such endearing characters. Their appeal also lies in the soft broad fluffy feathering and their relaxed manner.  Many people like to have some for the orchard to keep the grass down between the trees, or just wandering around the garden, as long as you do not have any poisonous plants there that might tempt them. They are liable to nibble just about anything, so do not put them anywhere where you value your ornamental plants!

Our flock of Toulouse descend from both english and american strains. The american strains of Toulouse are well known for their large size and good conformation and they have introduced fresh vigour into the Toulouse on this side of the Atlantic.

This picture is courtesy of Rupert Stephenson.  
It is the legendary Tom Bartlet, on the right presenting me with the Award for Best Goose at the National Waterfowl Show, Solihull, on November 2nd 2008.  
This time, it was our four year old Toulouse goose that took the honours.