Lion Head or “African” Geese

Young Africans

So called “African Geese” actually originate from China, and probably ought to be known as Lion Head geese, as they are in their native country.  They were misnamed in Victorian times, and the name unfortunately stuck.  Our flock is pictured on the right and consists mostly of youngsters hatched in 2021, with their sire front centre. Below is a photo of a flock in Raoping Village in China’s Guangdong province.  It is interesting to note the goose in the centre foreground which has a crescent shaped white splash on the chest.  This indicates it is carrying one copy of the white gene which is only partially recessive.  Two copies would result in a completely white African.

Africans can become very tame and easy to handle with a little attention from their owners.  They can be ideal for showing as they quickly adapt to the show pen. I started breeding them in 1999, and currently have a flock of 15.  The photo below was taken of the flock of 8 I had in 2017.