Literally meaning “black Hens”, Swedish Svarthöna (or Svart Honas if you prefer) are completely black with a stunning sheen of beetle green.  The best have black combs, wattles, face and  legs, and even their skin, flesh and bones are black.  They can be rather variable both in type and the amount of black they show, as some tend to more of a mulberry coloured comb.  I have acquired some new cockerels to put with my 2017 hatched pullets, and will be selecting for good conformation as well as colour in 2018.







I have several spare cockerels bred in 2017 available for sale, but no spare pullets. Cockerels are £12 each.

Svarthöna are sometimes confused with the Ayam Cemani, which is also a fibromelanistic breed.