Pure Breed Poultry and Waterfowl

Welcome to my Poultry and Waterfowl web pages.  This website is for my primary hobby, which is the breeding and conservation of rare breeds of domestic poultry and waterfowl.  We are located in central Lincolnshire 12 miles from Lincoln, in the Lincolnshire Limewoods area between Woodhall Spa and Wragby.

My other website,  Lincolnshire Tree Reports and Surveys is for my work as an Arboricultural Consultant.

The first birds I ever had were two commercial white turkey hens rescued in 1997 from a farm in Wales that was closing down.  After buying a trio of Lincolnshire Buff poultry in December 1997, I started breeding them in February 1998 and and went to my first show, at Revesby, in August of that year with one pullet which won best current year Lincolnshire Buff.  "Jessie" was shown for many years and did well even at National Level, and in her retirement, was a great mother rearing many chicks and even a couple of goslings.  She is pictured below as an old lady. 

Bronze turkeys were also bred in May of 1998 for Christmas dinners.  I continued breeding turkeys in various colours for the production of breeding stock and for showing.   This year I have suceeded in breeding some pure Crimson Dawn (also known as  Black Winged Bronze) .  This variety has not been seen in circulation for many years and for the last 20 years or so only existed in the UK as a single flock of commercial birds that are bred by artificial insemination.  Ours are a slimmed down version that is capable of natural mating, but is still a heavy variety.

I have reduced the number of breeds that I keep over the last couple of years, but in the poultry line, I still have Lincolnshire Buffs and Nankin Bantams.

I no longer keep Toulouse Geese, but still have Steinbachers and African geese. 

Large Silver Appleyard Ducks are also bred and shown occasionally.